Adrian Sterling

Gravois Intelligence Agent, Church of Vyras; Malakh of the Courage Shard


Adrian Sterling is a high-ranking official in the Church of Vyras and a primary antagonist in the Angel Chronicles.


When Maya Kovac first encounters him in Soldier, she initially mistakes him for a woman due to his willowy figure and natural grace. Adrian is in his late thirties or perhaps early forties, with blonde hair just past his ears and very Scandinavian features. He is 5’10", fair-skinned, and blue-eyed.


As an intelligence agent, Adrian keeps his emotions well under wraps. He is cool, collected, and generally unruffled by anything. He is well-educated and fluent in several languages. He makes frequent appearances in Thomas Cicero’s court, making use of his natural charisma and persuasiveness. Raoul Gravois describes him as a careful man, who “doesn’t do anything unless he’s absolutely certain of its success” (B1P14). Maya, however, is certain Adrian has a dangerous hidden agenda.

Family and Friends

Adrian has no known blood family members, and was adopted by Thomas Cicero at a very young age. His origins prior to his adoption are unknown. After he was hired on into Armand Gravois’ intelligence agency, he developed friendly relationships with not just Armand but also his two oldest sons, Henri and Raoul.


Adrian Sterling

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