Malakh (plural: Malakhim) is the Iudaean word for ‘angel’, used in the Angel Chronicles to refer to the chosen host of any of the Great Heretics.

The Malakhim are drawn to the presence of the angels within the Divine Shards, and are the only people capable of seeing the light or hearing the song of the fallen angel within.

There can only be up to six true Malakhim at any given time, as each angel may only choose one true host.

During the Angel Chronicles, the current known generation of Malakhim consist of, in chronological order of their awakening:

Courage – Adrian Sterling, Malakh of Pamantar, the Destroyer
Hope – Dion Lowry, Malakh of Ziuat, the Arbiter
Justice – Maya Kovac, Malakh of Agheat, the Champion
Wisdom – Raoul Gravois, Malakh of Noaptea, the Apostle
Love – (Malakh unknown)
Mercy – (Malakh unknown)

Other known Malakhim in history include:

Arthur Solomon, Malakh of Agheat from 472-512
James Roland, Malakh of Noaptea from 478-511
Claudia Aurelius, Malakh of Pamantar from 470-517
Adrastos, angel unknown, date unknown.


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