Alternate Universe

The Alternate Universe is a very, very modified version of actual history that Joelle has taken and twisted to fit her story.

Most of the events mentioned in the Angel Chronicles occur during the Real Universe sixth century. Things Joelle has stolen from actual history include:


Mostly, just their names have been changed.
The Vyrasian Empire → The Byzantine Empire/ Western Roman Empire.
Sassan → Persia.
Scythia → everything north of sixth-century Byzantium.
The Orient → China. (is this racist?)
Mercia → England. May or may not actually appear in AC, but just to be thorough.
Caledon → Ireland. Again, may or may not actually appear.


Only a few of these are actually related to any real historical characters, but for the sake of consistency…
Thomas Cicero → Justinian I.
Lucius Frost → Belisarius.


Again, mostly I’ve just changed the names. Also, any bad translations are entirely my fault.
Imperial → Greek
Praetoran → Latin
Old Praetoran → Ancient Latin
Iudaean → Hebrew
Sassanian → Arabic
Berendi → Berber
Scythic → Old German
Oriental → Chinese (racist?!)
Mercian → English
Caldic → Celtic

Alternate Universe

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