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  • Angel Chronicles

    *The Angel Chronicles* are the accounts of the events leading up to and during the [[Agnostic War]], from the perspectives of the six [[Malakhim]] involved in the incidents. The Chronicles are a (planned) series of six books. Currently, [[Joelle]] is …

  • Alternate Universe

    The *Alternate Universe* is a very, very modified version of actual history that Joelle has taken and twisted to fit her story. Most of the events mentioned in the [[Angel Chronicles]] occur during the Real Universe sixth century. Things Joelle has …

  • Soldier

    *Soldier* is Book One of the [[Angel Chronicles]], and currently the only one that actually has anything written for it. It follows the perspective of [[:maya-kovac | Maya Kovac]], the [[Malakh]] of [[:agheat-the-champion | Agheat, the Champion]], and …

  • Joelle

    Hi, I'm Joelle, also called Jojo, and I'm writing/engineering this whole story thing that will hopefully go somewhere although it hasn't for the past... oh... five years? Six? (Is it narcissistic to create a wiki page about yourself? Eh, whatever.)