Wren Garrison

Apprentice Horse Trainer; Member, Kana'im


Wren Garrison is the daughter of Clove Garrison and a main character in the Angel Chronicles. She is an archer under Blair Martialis’ command within the Kana’im.


Wren is a fifteen-year-old girl who is already tall despite not yet being full-grown. She has long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes, a fair complexion, and her father’s broad shoulders and round jaw. She is 5’8" and not quite used to her long limbs, making her very clumsy.


Wren is earnest and sweet, with her father’s stubbornness but none of his cynicism. She takes it upon herself to cheer up and care for others, even at a cost to herself. She is a worrier but keeps most of her emotions to herself, not wanting to be a burden on others. She idolizes her father as well as Maya Kovac, and is often envious of their strength.

In Soldier, Wren reveals that she had once wanted to become a soldier, but Garrison forbade it due to her sister Hanna’s death in the line of duty. Since then, Wren has gotten as close to military service as she could without actually being conscripted; she became an apprentice horse trainer to do what she could for the Praetoran Legion cavalry.

Family and Friends

Wren’s parents are Clove and Anita Garrison, though her mother died when Wren was very young and she has no memories of her. Both Garrisons were soldiers in the Legion, though upon Anita’s death Clove retired from active duty to look after his daughters. He founded a mercenary corps based out of Vyrasis and took on a management position to stay closer to home. Wren’s older sister, Hanna Garrison, joined Garrison’s corps when she came of age, but was killed on a mission when Wren was only seven, after which Garrison decided Wren would never be allowed to take on any sort of combat role.

During Soldier, Wren befriends several members of the Kana’im, including Maya, Alistair Jayne, Raoul Gravois, and Dion Lowry, the only other member close to her age. Maya, in particular, develops a close friendship with Wren, and becomes a sort of honorary older sister to her, having promised Garrison that she would protect Wren. She calls Wren ‘baby bird,’ like Wren’s father used to, and in return Wren nicknames Maya ‘puppy dog’ due to her unwavering loyalty.

Personal Life

Wren harbors a budding infatuation with Dion, who returns her feelings; however, Wren is oblivious to Dion’s reciprocation, and too shy to instigate a relationship herself.


Series Involvement


Wren is first encountered by Maya Kovac, a mercenary in her father’s corps, when Maya breaks into the Garrison home looking for Clove. Wren attacks her with a riding crop, believing her to be a burglar; however, becomes clear that Maya is on their side when a Praetoran Guard patrol comes looking to arrest Wren’s father, who has been discovered corresponding with the Kana’im. Wren escapes with Maya, but her father stays behind to fend off the guardsmen and give Wren ample time to flee.

The women seek out the underground Kana’im headquarters upon Garrison’s directions, and are taken into hiding. The next day, the Kana’im receive word that Wren’s father was killed by the Guard patrol who arrested him. Grieving, Wren takes it upon herself to retrieve her father’s bow and other personal effects, which are in his office in Guard District. Though she is wanted by the Church of Vyras, Wren manages to sneak in and out of the office without being caught. Only moments after she leaves the building, the Praetoran Guard wedges the doors and sets the building on fire with the members of Garrison’s corps still inside, as a message to any would-be rebels. Wren then runs into Maya and Raj Kovac, who had come looking for her. Wren gives Maya her father’s mercenary captain armband, saying that he would have wanted her to have it.

Wren joins the Kana’im in earnest after the barracks fire, honing her archery skills under arms trainer Connell Mack. During this time, she begins to develop romantic feelings for Dion Lowry, a Malakh close to her age. She also serves as a helpful advisor for Maya as Maya develops her own Malakh abilities. She and Maya are separated, however, when Adrian Sterling attacks the Kana’im headquarters, and Wren flees Vyrasis for Theopolis with only Dion at her side.

Wren Garrison

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