Arthur Solomon

Commander-in-Chief, Kana'im; Malakh of the Justice Shard


Arthur Solomon is the former Malakh of Agheat, the Champion. He was the leader of the Kana’im as well as the adopted father of Luther Solomon.


Arthur is a tall, broad, man, built like a fighter with the skill to match. He is described as every inch the soldier he is expected to be – muscular, broad-shouldered, and barrel-chested. He is 6’3", with short-cropped brown hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. He bears several scars from his occupation as a soldier.

Arthur’s physical appearance is occasionally used by Agheat when the angel interacts with Maya Kovac.


Arthur is a natural leader, though a little proud. He is focused and ambitious, stubborn and single-minded. He pursues every goal as though it is life-or-death, and spares little time for anything else – that is, at least, until he meets James Roland and softens up a little.

Family and Friends

Arthur has no known family members other than his lover, James, and his adopted son, Luther.

Personal Life

Arthur identifies as a cismale homosexual. Very little is known of Arthur’s personal life outside Luther and Agheat’s memories of him. Luther describes Arthur’s bond with Agheat as incredibly close, to the point where it was sometimes difficult to determine where Agheat stopped and Arthur began. Through Agheat’s memories, Maya experiences Arthur’s love for James Roland firsthand, despite their differences.

Skills and Magical Abilities

Arthur is a skilled fighter with a variety of weapons as well as a natural-born leader with a head for tactics and strategy. He controls Agheat’s magical powers with ease due to the sheer amount of time they have been bonded, and can focus his spells at a moment’s notice with no more than a few gestures. His specific magical abilities are largely unknown, though he has demonstrated in Agheat’s memories the ability to produce ice out of thin air to use as a weapon or a tool to barricade doors. He can also conjure a barrier to guard against ranged attacks.


Series Involvement


In Soldier, a vision Agheat shows Maya gives a glimpse into the moment when Arthur and James were tracked down by Claudia Aurelius. Pinned down in the house in Tower District after a failed attack on Claudia, Arthur and James are injured and exhausted. Though they manage to fight off several enemies, they are eventually overwhelmed. Because Claudia has proven to be able to track James through a yet-unknown magic, James stays behind to give Arthur a chance to escape, teleporting Arthur to safety at the cost of his own life. Before he is teleported, Arthur promises James that he will not give up until he has stopped Claudia and Pamantar. However, Arthur dies before he can fulfill his promise.

Arthur Solomon

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