Alistair Jayne

Lieutenant, Praetoran Legion


Alistair Jayne is a former soldier in the Praetoran Legion who became a member of the Kana’im after being falsely accused of desertion.

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Alistair is described as a tall, lean man not much older than Maya, with sandy blonde hair that is often in need of a cut. He possesses a quick, wiry strength that lends itself well to combat. He is 6’2", with medium complexion, and often described as long or lanky. He bears several scars from his service in the war in Ostia, the most notable of which is a short wide scar over his rib cage.


Alistair is exceedingly friendly and easygoing, with a natural gift for making people feel welcome. He is an excellent listener and is genuinely interested in getting to know people better. He is a devout member of the Church of Vyras, and believes in their doctrines if not their rule. He is loyal and kind, and would rather be in a nurturing career than in the military. He is nothing if not dedicated, however, and performs every given task to the best of his ability.

Alistair’s faults lie in his dislike for change, and his occasional tendency to not take a situation seriously. Despite that, he takes criticism well, and is almost always willing to compromise.

Family and Friends

Alistair’s family are largely unknown, though he mentions they live in Salone. He has been close friends with Maya since she joined the Legion, and despite possible romantic feelings didn’t develop their relationship past friendship until several years later.

Through Maya, Alistair becomes good friends with Raoul Gravois, Wren Garrison, and Dion Lowry, as well as sharing good working relationships with his commanding officers, Blair Martialis and Rajan Kovac.

Personal Life

Alistair identifies as a cismale heterosexual, and has never really questioned his attraction to women.


Series Involvement


Alistair is mentioned briefly in Maya’s backstory, but does not appear in person until the Kana’im riots in Salone. He escapes the city with Maya and Raj’s corps, and joins up with the Kana’im in Vyrasis, becoming their liaison to the Salone branch. As he and Maya catch up on their time apart, he reveals to her that he had been accused of desertion after being cut off from the main army in Ostia, and joined the Kana’im to avoid prying Imperial eyes. He spent his spare time teaching history at an academy in Salone.

Alistair accompanies Maya on an assignment to retrieve the Adrastos Scriptures from the Gravois home, and helps her break into the manor. When they are apprehended by Adrian Sterling, Agheat forces Maya to jump out a window and swim to safety; afraid for Maya’s life, Alistair dives after her but is unable to locate her among the rocks and surf. He returns to Kana’im headquarters in mourning, convinced his friend is dead, until she returns with a bedraggled Raoul in tow.

Alistair Jayne

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