Agheat, the Champion

Angel of the Justice Shard


Agheat is a fallen angel and one of the Great Heretics, now imprisoned within the Justice Shard.

Agheat appears to Maya Kovac initially as a shadowy blue figure in her dreamscape. As they form a closer bond, Agheat takes many forms – sometimes that of his former Malakh, Arthur Solomon, and sometimes a more masculine version of Maya herself.

Agheat’s purpose in heaven was to serve as the perfect soldier. He did not feel, he did not overthink; he was not compromised by emotions or distractions. He saw the right course of action and took it without hesitation or exception. He also served as the commanding officer for [[:noaptea-the-apostle | Noaptea], whose existence as the perfect follower relied on a strong leader’s presence. Agheat and Noaptea were extremely close, and were they human would be considered lovers.

Agheat is given the title of Champion in the Rhyme of the Heretics. He is aligned with the element of ice and water, though his powers manifest themselves differently depending on his Malakh.


Series Involvement


Agheat was the fifth Great Heretic to fall from heaven, supposedly for the sin of pride. The Adrastos Scriptures, however, claim that Agheat had no sin at all. Instead, Agheat voluntarily chose to leave heaven in order to seek the fugitive Pamantar and bring her to heaven’s justice, but The Maker decreed that any angel who left heaven would not be welcome back, and so Agheat became known as a Great Heretic. He was imprisoned in the Divine Shards along with the other five Heretics.

Little is known about Agheat’s life before the events of Soldier. At some point, he and his Malakh founded the Kana’im, an organization devoted to tracking down Pamantar and finding some way to destroy or defeat her. His Malakh before Maya was Arthur Solomon, with whom he stayed bonded for forty years. Their relationship was so close that when Arthur died, Agheat did not take another Malakh for thirty years.


Agheat awakens in the beginning of Soldier to declare his new Malakh in Maya Kovac. When she joins the Kana’im, their bond forms, although Maya demonstrates very poor control over the magical ability Agheat grants her.

Agheat interferes directly to save Maya’s life twice – once during the riot in Salone, forming a physical barrier to repel a fatal sword blow, and once at the Gravois home, giving her superhuman speed, strenght, and endurance to escape Adrian’s clutches. In addition, Agheat occasionally gives Maya crucial information through his own memories – such as his memory of James Roland’s death at the hands of Claudia Aurelius. The memory is intended to warn Maya that Pamantar’s Malakh may be able to track Raoul, but Maya does not understand the message until it is too late.

Agheat, the Champion

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